The Skinny goes to Vegas...

Heyo, so our lovely shop owner was gracious enough to fly myself an our assistant manager, Mandy to Vegas a few weeks ago for a buying trip. Since we, The Skinny ladies love a good photo shoot we held one ourself... of ourselves... at Seven Magic Mountains which is an Internationally renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains is a large-scale site-specific public art installation. It was quick, it was easy, we are NOT models and some photos are downright awkward... but we sure had a great time.

Enjoy ;)

Fluid Hair Creative

Hey guys, Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are able to spend some time with those you care about most over a warm meal. I haven't posted in awhile but thought I would share this shoot from Spring (oops). Life has been flying by so I thought I should catch up on photos I have yet to post. 

Hair: Sarah Cameron
Makeup: Katherine McCaffrey
Model: Nathalie  Shnider



Chasing Spring

Sometimes it's nice to take a moment, grab your camera, a friend and take the ideas that are in your head and see if you can make something of them. This past Sunday it felt like spring, or at least as though our winter was wanting to make its way into the new season. Danielle was kind enough to let me photograph her in her home, beautiful space and beautiful light, what more could I want?


So awhile back I received an email, the subject line read 'LOVEPIZZA'... I looked at it and instantly thought that 1) Yeah, who doesn't? and 2) This is totally spam, opened it anyway.

It was from two lovely people named Braede and Gavin who were going to be opening a new pizza place in Edmonton and they wanted me to do some black and white lifestyle photos, if you know me these are two things I am in love with, also pizza. So of course we met up and instantly I said yes. I had NO idea that they would be printing the photos wall size (how terrifying) but thankfully they put so much thought into their space and it all worked out great and I only cringed the first time I saw them sheerly out of nerves. I am also super grateful that I have amazing friends who I could use as models.

If you like pizza (because again, who doesn't?) you should definitely check them out, it is DELICIOUS. 

Here are some shots I did for them.

Federal Moto AW 2015/16

This week Ol' Dirty Benson called me up and asked me to take some snaps of the new gear Federal is just releasing. As always i'ts a quick yes being they are one of my favourite Edmonton (and beyond) brands. Nice dudes doing cool shit, what's not to like? Here's a quick peak. Enjoy.

E to the R to the Portland

road trip


a journey made by car, bus, etc.

It started with a little conversation complaining how ‘busy’ we both were and how we would love to get away for a little bit. This quickly escalated to choosing dates and booking our glamour tent and telling ourselves that 5 days to drive to and from Portland was adequate.

Sometimes you just need to get away and breathe the air while listening to music and laughing until your sides hurt.

I am pretty sure we spent more time together in these 5 days then we have spent together in the span of our friendship, but I can easily say I love Ewa more today then I did before we left.

Here are some favourite moments from our short but lovely road trip.

1)    Speaking ALL the accents
2)    Laughing
3)    Very frequent pee breaks… some of which turned out to be quite hilarious
4)    Heavy breathing
5)    Guys who stare at other girls while on dates (not cool guys)
6)    Laughing
7)    Beers wherever and whenever we wanted, this included beer before coffee while in bed
8)    The ocean
9)    Bass players who are clearly in love with lead singers
10)  Hell VASHIA
11)  Christine Dior
12)  Laughing
13)  Tim AKA Olllllld SCHOOL (what a fucking gem this guy was, I feel like he must be a Portland staple)
14)  Car dancing
15)  Driving through Twilight
16)  FINALLY finding a radio station that basically saved our lives. Seattle 107.2 old school hip hop on Sunday nights… come on!
17)  The amazing border patrol officer entering the states, the HORRENDOUS one when leaving
18)  Driving through every single season
19)  Throat spray
20)  Friendship

Yea, I know you won’t get all of these, but that is a short list for a short trip. But, there is something about being in a car so much and still being able to have the best time. I always liked the whole ‘It’s in the getting there’ statement… but now I appreciate it a little more.