So awhile back I received an email, the subject line read 'LOVEPIZZA'... I looked at it and instantly thought that 1) Yeah, who doesn't? and 2) This is totally spam, opened it anyway.

It was from two lovely people named Braede and Gavin who were going to be opening a new pizza place in Edmonton and they wanted me to do some black and white lifestyle photos, if you know me these are two things I am in love with, also pizza. So of course we met up and instantly I said yes. I had NO idea that they would be printing the photos wall size (how terrifying) but thankfully they put so much thought into their space and it all worked out great and I only cringed the first time I saw them sheerly out of nerves. I am also super grateful that I have amazing friends who I could use as models.

If you like pizza (because again, who doesn't?) you should definitely check them out, it is DELICIOUS. 

Here are some shots I did for them.